Want to be more out there? weary of your business’s light hiding under a bush? worried that your competitor is leaving you in their dust?

The Social Factory has the means, capability, passion and energy to take you from zero to hero with your marketing.

Strategy &
Why us?

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you doing well in your business as a result of our business! We thrive on your success and the only way we can do more, better and smarter is by having happy clients in our corner.

Tug Boat

We think of ourselves as a small but incredibly strong influencer…getting your organization going in the right direction in terms of marketing. Picking its way through tricky and sometimes problematic territory in order to get to your chosen destination successfully.


We can, and have, made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…or we can start from scratch and build your brand in whichever way you think best. Want a huge J Arthur Rank production website? Or something a bit more subtle, cryptic maybe?. Whatever, talk to us.


We were never about Newspapers and TV ads – We are purely digital and we could not be prouder.

Happy Clients

We thrive off our customer’s success and make sure that everything in our business is geared to ensure your marketing success.

Our Team
With imaginations “that” will blow you away. “We” have developers that will build the latest and “the” greatest. No one is perfect but as a team, we gave ourselves an average of 80% and we think that pretty impressive.
Understanding our clients 😇

Running some Facebook ads and getting your friend to help with a logo is easy, running a campaign or launching a product that delivers results take a deeper understanding and we spend time with you and your business to make sure we understand it and portray it correctly, this sometimes takes up to 50% of our project time and often proves to be the most fun.

David time

That’s the percentage of time that David our “head of content and sales” spends drinking tea in a day.

amazing, yeah?
Mark Ritchie
Activate Telecoms
Sales and Marketing Director

From social media posts, digital marketing campaigns to product branding and launches…The Social Factory consistently tick every box we ask them to, no matter how ridiculous our timelines sometimes are. Thanks to the entire team, it’s wonderful working with you!

Nicci Ford
ACE Retail Solutions
Sales Director

We engaged with The Social Factory in order to drive our social media presence and run our full digital marketing. They have gone beyond our expectations and supply us with a world class social and digital representation and I could not be happier to recommend them.

Jonathan Hartley
Public Square Consumer Marketing

We had been looking for a digital marketing partner for a while and The Social Factory more than met our needs. They took the time to fully understand our business and the specific nature and demands of what we do. Great working with them.

Ray Waddington
The Old Rose Pub, Petervale

Working with The Social Factory has been a breath of fresh air, they created our social media presence and assisted us by providing great posts on our Facebook site.  Our industry in general has taken a massive knock as a result of the various lockdowns and their input and support has gone a long way in terms of securing our future

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In simple terms, we typically develop, implement and manage a range of both specific and ongoing marketing campaigns that are designed to promote your products or services online.

We play a significant role in enhancing brand awareness within your digital space, driving traffic and more importantly generating leads and subsequently sales.

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2. HOW

We need to know a lot, by spending time with you, about your business. It’s mind set, work ethic, it’s people and what drives it. Only then can we create or improve upon the various platforms online that best represent your business. We generate ongoing, relevant and industry specific content. We monitor its performance and provide you with regular updates on all your platforms activities.

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3. WHY

Quite simply to keep your business occupied with the task of converting digitally generated leads into revenue generating customers.

Or just creating an ongoing presence that constantly reinforces your brand and it’s position in it’s related industry.


Our pricing plans
Per Month
TSF 300
2 hours of TSF work per week
2 Social Media posts per week
Management of Facebook & Linkedin
Unlimited Linkyfi changes per month
No Ad Spend included
Per Month
TSF 400
4 hours of TSF work per week
2 Social Media posts per week
Management of Facebook & Linkedin
Unlimited Linkyfi changes per month
R500 Ad Spend included
Per Month
TSF 500
5 hours of TSF work per week
Unlimited Social Media posts per week
Management of Facebook & Linkedin
Unlimited Linkyfi changes per month
R500 Add Spend included